Students’ Perception: Self Confidence on English Speaking Skill


  • M. Romzi Suja’i STKIP Agama Hindu Singaraja
  • Luh Mila Trisna Dewi STKIP Agama Hindu Singaraja
  • Kadek Heni Oktarina Wisudayanti STKIP Agama Hindu Singaraja


Generally, problems in self-confidence are experienced by everyone, especially in communication. This study aims to determine the factors of students’ confidence in communicating by using English, especially at SMK NEGERI 3 Singaraja, in the class X DKV 3. This study was designed by using a qualitative descriptive research method. The research subjects were students of SMK Negeri 3 Singaraja, especially in class X DKV 3 using observation instruments for all students and interviews for 20 students. The results of this study indicate that students need to study English more actively, had a dictionary, took an English course and had someone to talk to during practice. In addition, students' perceptions also said that the support of friends and the environment greatly influenced their self-confidence and the relationship between confidence and communication was very closely because when students could communicate by using English well and fluently, then their self-confidence developed and be better.


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Suja’i, M. R., Dewi, L. M. T., & Wisudayanti, K. H. O. . (2023). Students’ Perception: Self Confidence on English Speaking Skill. Jurnal Penelitian Mahasiswa Indonesia, 3(2), 501-506. Retrieved from